FOOD ALERT: Insects found in baby muesli

A baby food maker has issued a product recall after complaints that insects were found in some of its muesli.
Baby. Photo: Danny Lawson/PA WireBaby. Photo: Danny Lawson/PA Wire
Baby. Photo: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Cow & Gate has recalled a batch of its Sunny Start My First Banana Muesli from 10 months on a “precautionary basis”, a statement on the Food Standards Agency (FSA) website said.

The company has apologised and warned parents not to give their children the food which has a “best before” date of September 27 2016.

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A statement on the FSA website read: “This product is not suitable for consumption because the presence of foreign bodies such as insect.

“Cow & Gate has recalled the affected batch, notified its customers and displayed point-of-sale recall notices in stores.”

One customer, Alex Bianco, wrote on Twitter: “Just opened a bag of @cowandgate muesli and found a spiders web. Took it back to Tesco and they found a maggot in it.”

On its Twitter page, Cow & Gate said it had received a “small number of complaints” about the batch of muesli and none of its other products were affected.

The company said: “We are very sorry that this has happened and can assure you that an immediate investigation has been initiated at our factory.”