Floods cause £60,000 damage at Padiham firm

Padiham Paints flood (s)
Padiham Paints flood (s)
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Padiham Paints has re-opened this week despite suffering from the devastating effects of the Boxing Day floods in the town.

The shop, on Ribble Street opposite Tesco, was hit heavily as the River Calder burst its banks and it is believed there could be around £60,000-worth of damage.

The store’s manager, Martyn Hartley, went in to assess the situation the Wednesday after the floods and owners Bromborough Paints called everyone in on Monday to begin their clean-up operation.

Their lower stock was destroyed as the shop was under around a foot of water and machines have also been damaged.

“We have three mixing machines, to mix the paint, they cost around £10,000 each and two of them have been destroyed so it’s quite severe but we have got one back working again,” said Bromborough Paints’ Operations Director John Ferrington.

“Martyn was there on Wednesday after the floods but he said there wasn’t a lot we could do at that time and to let it drain away. We then called as many staff in as possible on Monday, it’s all hands on deck, and we had seven people cleaning up. It is a disaster as we have lost stock, wallpaper has been destroyed, our carpets are ruined and two of the machines aren’t working.

“Because we have let it dry, there is a lot of contaminated dust so it is hard to clean up. Electricity North West and British Telecom have been great though and we are up and running again.

“We are insured and we could remain closed while we clean up but it’s important to us that we provide a service to the people and people have been in buying items so we know it’s needed.

“Bromborough Paints have been hit hard as three of our 14 depots have suffered because of the floods – in Padiham, Kendal and Lancaster. The one in Lancaster was one metre under water so in some ways we have been luckier in Padiham.

“We are determined to stay open though.”


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