Flash floods hit Lowerhouse as intense downpour strikes

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A short but intense downpour created havoc and flash floods for around 20 households in Lowerhouse today (Wednesday).

Water submerged a large part of the outfield of Lowerhouse cricket field and swept into around 20 homes in Lowerhouse Lane after heavy rain started around 1-30pm.

Fire crews were called to the area to assist in the clean-up and pump water from the field and streets.

Station manager Chris Waring said: “The floods affected around 20 properties.

“It was a very short but intensive downpour. We used a major pump and hose to remove the water, and then checked any vulnerable residents to see if they needed assistance.”

Alan Cooper, who lives in Lowerhouse Lane, said he received a call to get home quickly at lunchtime.

Lowerhouse Flooding. Credit: Lowerhouse Cricket Club

Lowerhouse Flooding. Credit: Lowerhouse Cricket Club

He said: “We’ve been lucky in the past with flooding but this time it just came down so quickly.

“Water has seeped in to the back of our homes. Everything was floating in my kitchen and will have to be replaced. I blame global warming – I truly believe we have tropical rainstorms now.”

Suzanne Heap, who lives in nearby Thornhill Street, was one of many residents helping their neighbours to clear up the mess.

She said: “The whole of our back street was flooded but thankfully it didn’t get in to our houses.”