Firefighters issue warm weather barbecue plea


Firefighters called to a suspected a bonfire on a Burnley football pitch have issued a plea over barbecues.

One fire engine was called out to the playing field in Healey Wood Road after reports of a fire at 7pm last night.

But fire crews found a group of people taking advantage of the hot weather and enjoying a barbecue.

Crew manager Rick Courtney, of Burnley Fire Station, has made a plea to the public after the false alarm.

He said: “During spells of good weather there is an increase in calls to barbecues that have either become out of control or have been left to smoulder into the early hours.

“We also experience an increase in barbecues on public land and ask that people have the means to extinguish the barbecue once no longer required and that they are disposed of correctly.

“Incorrect usage can lead to wildfire incidents which are a huge drain on fire service resources.”