Firefighters free toddler locked in Burnley car

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A toddler who accidentally locked himself in a car was freed by Burnley firefighters.

The boy’s mum called fire crews in with the child still trapped inside and the keys in the ignition at 8pm on Sunday.

Firefighters tried to coax the youngster to open the doors as he happily played inside the vehicle.

Crew manager Mark Hammond, of Burnley Fire Station, said: “The young boy had managed to lock himself in his mother’s car.

“His mum was concerned he was in the car and there was a danger he could have tried to turn the keys in the ignition.

“We were trying to coax him to open the doors. He was peeping the horn while we were trying to get him out.

“He was playing and having fun. We managed to do it after about 10 minutes and out he popped. It was a happy ending.”