Firefighters free 10-week-old baby from car

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Burnley fire crews were called in to help rescue a 10-week-old baby who was accidentally locked in a car on a supermarket car park.

The baby girl, who remained asleep throughout the incident, was locked in the back of her mother’s Vauxhall Zafira at Asda, in Princess Way, at 3-50pm yesterday.

Firefighters spent 10 minutes unlocking the vehicle. Crew manager Anthony Harrison said the keys had been left in the ignition but the car’s central locking system had been activated, leaving the child trapped.

Mr Harrison added: “The keys for the vehicle were left in the ignition and the central locking had actuated when the mother closed the rear passenger door and locked all doors.

“The baby slept through while the fire service gained access and there was no damage caused to the vehicle.

“Some vehicles’ central locking systems are prone to lock while stationary. So take care not to leave keys in the vehicle while unattended.”