Firefighters called to ‘abandoned’ bonfire at Burnley farm

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Fire crews extinguished a bonfire left burning in a Burnley farm yard.

But when firefighters arrived at the scene they found a pile of rubbish had been left ablaze.

Two fire engines had been called to the scene around 12-25pm on Friday to deal with the incident.

The farm occupiers could not be located so fire crew extinguished the flames on the bonfire.

Acting crew manager Kevin Birchall, of Burnley Fire Station, said: “There aren’t specific laws against having a bonfire, or when you can have one – but there are Acts that deal with the nuisance they can cause.

“A controlled burn can also result in Fire Engines attending that may be required elsewhere.

He added: “If unsure about what you can burn, please contact Burnley Council and ask about recycling options available to you in the local area.”