Fines for dropping gum

The 'Don't Drop Gum' posters in Burnley town centre.
The 'Don't Drop Gum' posters in Burnley town centre.

Burnley Council is urging people who use chewing gum to get into the habit of throwing it away in a proper bin - or face a £75 fine.

The council is currently running a poster campaign in Burnley town centre – “Don’t Drop Chewing Gum” ahead of plans for stricter enforcement in April.

From April extra officers will be patrolling the streets issuing £75 Fixed Penalty Notices to those caught dropping litter, including chewing gum, or failing to clean up after their dog.

Coun. Lian Pate, the council’s Executive member for community services, said: “Chewing gum leaves a terrible mess and makes the place look awful. We’re in the middle of improving Burnley town centre with new paving etc and the last thing anyone with a pride in their town wants to see is it spoilt by dropped chewing gum.

“The message is simple – drop it in the bin, not on the floor. There’s more than 25 bins in the pedestrianised area alone so there’s no excuse.”