FENCE: Villagers urged to watch out for key thieves

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COUNCIL – Old Laund Booth Parish Council held its AGM and re-elected Coun. Brian Newman as chairman and Coun. E. Nutter as vice-chairman. Both will also represent the council on Barrowford and Western Parishes Committee. Coun. Newman will act as Pendle Safety Partnership representative and Coun. Nutter as tree warden.

The internal audit had been carried out successfully and accounts were accepted.

The clerk was asked to write to Lancashire County Council to ask for a bus shelter in Carr Road, Nelson, where a new bus stop has been placed. Councillors had objected to the re-routing of the service, but LCC said this had taken place to provide a more efficient service.

Home-owners have replaced missing panels in the gardens of houses in Wheatley Lane Road. A litter bin is to be sited on the path by Laund View Stables once new funding from Pendle Council kicks in.

Residents are being warned to watch out for key thieves operating in the village. Police have patrolled outside the village school ito improve parking and PCSOs are currently not able to visit the village due to transport problems.

Grant bids for £1,000 to re-site the gate at the bottom of Old Laund Street and £2,000 to improve the village with plants and landscaping schemes, have been made to Barrowford and Western Parishes Committee. A letter from Pendle regarding public footpath 33 at Spen End said the matter was now closed after two tonnes of crushed limestone had been put down on the rough section of the path and compacted. This had stopped the flow of water onto the path from the stream next to it.

Councillors had objected to a plan to remove part of the wall and erect a detached house, ridge height of six metres at Harpers House. They say the wall is a feature of the house and should not be removed. No objections were made to a plan to build a single-storey extension at the back of a house at Higher Spen Farm Cottage in Noggarth Road. The lengthsman is to weedkill in the village and the library is now open an extra two sessions a week. The next meeting will take place on Monday, June 6th, at 7 p.m. in Fence Village Hall.

SEARCH – The council is trying to trace the family of Private James Broughton, of the 7th Battalion East Lancashire Regiment, who died on July 5th, 1916, aged 25. He was the son of James and Eliza Jane Broughton, of 97 Barrowford Road. There is no known grave, but he is remembered on Thiepval Memorial. The council would like to place his name on the war memorial in the village and would like some input from the family. Anyone with information is ask to contact the clerk, Mrs Rebecca Hay, Ollistan, 239 Red Lees Road, Cliviger, Burnley, BB10 4RF.

VACANCY – There is a vacancy on the council. Anyone interested in applying can contact the clerk at the above address before June 6th. Mr Paul Shaw was thanked for his hard work and the clerk was asked to send a letter of thanks to former councillor Cath Nutter.