FENCE: Soldier’s name missed off war memorial to be added

COUNCIL – Present at the January meeting of Old Laund Booth Parish Council were: B. Newman, C. Nutter, E. Nutter, D. Hall, P. Shaw, V. Venn, J. David, J.Myers, T.Peacock and three members of the public.

The chairman had met with a local firm to discuss a facelift of the children’s play area. Once the plan is completed, funding will be sourced. Pendle Council has instructed the Scout and Guide group to widen the path from the old St Anne’s School to the group headquarters following complaints from the public.

The clerk is to contact Lancashire County Council regarding potholes in the village. A new grit bin has been placed at Laund Gate. Pendle Council has investigated a flue which has been placed on the side of Greenbank House. The flue does require planning permission, but officials say taking into account its setting and overall impact on the amenity of the area, it would not be expedient to take enforcement action.

Officers have also investigated a complaint regarding a waste skip on a drive in Wheatley Lane Road and say no evidence of any unauthorised activity has been witnessed, but the area will be monitored.

The name of a soldier missed off the war memorial is to be added. Councillors have objected to a plan for an advertisement sign in a field next to the bypass. They sympathise with the applicant’s wish to boost local business, but feel a brown sign or finger post would be better as the planned sign is too big and intrusive.

No objections were raised to a retrospective application for a domestic garden extension in Wheatley Lane Road. A precept of £4,262 was set.

The lengthsman to be asked to look at the noticeboards to make them more accessible. Coun. C. Nutter complained about the amount of dog muck in the village.

Coun. David said there are plans to cut back the amount of the top-up grant given to provide the footpath service and fears it will not be as good as it is currently. The clerk is to write to Pendle to protest. Planning applications are to be placed on the council website.

The next meeting is on Monday, February 7th, at 7 p.m. in Fence Village Hall.