FENCE: Plans for 22 new homes are welcomed

PARISH COUNCIL – The February meeting of Old Laund Booth Parish Council was attended by B. Newman, C. Nutter, E. Nutter, P. Shaw, V. Venn, J. David, J. Myers, T. Peacock and three members of the public, with apologies from D. Hall.

A quote had been received for £74,000 to refurbish the play area. Tenders are to be sought for the grass cutting. The council is hoping to receive funding from various sources.

Potholes around the village are to be filled in by Lancashire County Council workers and the empty grit bin at Laund Gate has been refilled.

The council has been told by an engraver a name of a missing soldier cannot be engraved onto the existing bronze plate. The clerk is to write to the relatives asking if they wish to pay the £1,000 needed for a new complete plate or if they will accept a separate plate under the existing one, for which the council will pay using funding from Barrowford and Western Parishes Committee.

The clerk is to ask Holgate’s to repair noticeboards in Wheatley Lane Road. The councillors discussed a plan for 22 houses at Springbrook Ltd, Spring Mill, Wheatley Lane Road. It was generally felt the development would be good for the village, but the clerk is to write with the following comments: (a) The area is subject to flooding and the drainage, especially the culvert, needs to be checked carefully by the Environment Agency as well as Pendle Council; (b) there should be restricted working hours during construction and (c) as the proposed public open space has been removed from proposal, causing more pressure on the playground, the developers should be asked to pay for the refurbishment costs which are at present estimated at £74,000, but will probably cost nearer £80,000.

The lengthsman is to be asked to clean the finger posts in the village. The re-routing of the bus via Carr Road into Nelson means there is no stop near Morrisons. The clerk is to write to Lancashire County Council asking for an explanation.

There are huge amounts of water coming onto the pavement between the bus shelter and garage next to the Sparrow Hawk and 154 Wheatley Lane Road. The clerk is to contact the county council. The next meeting will take place on March 7th at 7 p.m. in Fence Village Hall.