FENCE NEWS: Hi-tech horse box stolen

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PARISH COUNCIL – The April meeting of Old Laund Booth Parish Council was attended by B. Newman, E. Nutter, P. Shaw, V. Venn, J. Myers, D. Hall, S. Derwent, Sgt Dibbs, Mr D. Clark from Pendle Forest Sports Club and three members of the public. There were apologies from Couns J. David and C. Nutter.

The meeting was suspended to allow Mr David Clark to discuss the renewal of the club’s lease with the parish council. Two issues came to light, the review of the rent and what terms to use and the payment of the valuer’s fee which is still outstanding after three years. The clerk is to check the matters with the council’s legal representative.

Following concerns from the parish council over the re-routing of the bus service via Carr Road, Lancashire County Council says the scheme is not to save money and has been implemented by the bus company. A request for a dog bin in Wheatley Lane will be considered by Pendle Council once the new financial year funding kicks in and a request has been made for a litter bin on the footpath near Laund View Stables. There has been theft of a hi-tech horse box from a farm near to Pendle Forest Sports Club and police have advised people to keep their tools and outdoor equipment secure. Police have been running a scheme to encourage drivers not to block the road or pavement outside Wheatley Lane Methodist Church School. Coun. Derwent said that LCC is to introduce 20 m.p.h. zones in nine schools and the clerk is to write and put the village school forward. Coun. Derwent is also to investigate complaints of cars not giving way when coming out of the new housing at Wheatley Court. Bids for grants from the capital programme run by Barrowford and Western Parishes Committee are to be made at the next council meeting. No objections were made to a plan for a first floor extension above an existing garage at 454 Wheatley Lane Road. The lengthsman is to be offered an extra 48 hours a year.

The next meeting and AGM will be held on May 16th at 7 p.m. in Fence Village Hall.