Father pays tribute to ‘the bravest man I’ve ever known’

“The bravest man I’ve ever known” is how a Burnley dad has paid tribute to his 22 year-old son who died this week.

AN INSPIRATION: James Cable before his illness took hold
AN INSPIRATION: James Cable before his illness took hold

Messages of condolence have flooded in from across the world since James Cable lost his battle with lung disease on Monday. Fund-raiser James had written a poetry book which he was selling to fund a bucket list of experiences he wanted to try before he became too poorly.

A keen gamer, James, of Holmestrand Avenue, had sold poppies for the Royal British Legion and became an inspiration for people all over the globe for people living with similar conditions.

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His dad Andrew said: “He’s been a very inspirational young man, he’s never given up on fighting his condition. He was always strong and always determined to do what he wanted to do, above and beyond his capabilities.

“He was very loving, caring and sincere and he had no regard for himself. He helped others.”

James, who attended Castercliff Primary School in Nelson, Pendle Vale College and Nelson and Colne College, was diagnosed with Job syndrome, an immune deficiency which causes recurrent infections, as a child. In James’s case he had numerous bouts of pneumonia, which weakened his lungs, and also scoliosis – curvature of the spine.

“Up until he was 11 years old he was like a normal child, a ‘boys will be boys’ sort of person,” said Andrew (59).

“After 11 he contracted a few pneumonias and it destroyed his lungs but even through all that he didn’t complain. He was a strong man, he was the bravest man I’ve ever known.”

Unable to work due to his condition, James enjoyed playing computer games, mainly Minecraft, which he played online and through which he made friends from around the UK and beyond.

He also joined online chats where he would offer support to others affected by lung disease and other chronic conditions.

Since his death his Facebook page has been inundated with comments from people as far away as America and Australia.

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“His attitude was an inspiration because a lot of people look at their illness and think ‘that’s it, game over’ but he gave them the help to carry on.

“With the poetry book he wanted to raise money for his bucket list because he didn’t want to just ask people for money. There are 20 poems in the book and a lot of the people who have bought it said how they really reach into your heart.”

As well as dad Andrew, James also leaves his mum Andrea (42), sisters Margaret (21) and Katie (17) and uncle Trevor, with whom he was the best of friends.

His funeral will take place next Thursday, December 3rd, at Burnley Crematorium.