Family’s anguish as taxi kills dog in Padiham

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A DEVASTATED mother whose daughter’s dog was hit and killed by a speeding taxi has called for action.

Kylie Tunstill (23) watched in horror as two-year-old pet Tyson was mowed down by a private hire vehicle outside their home in Wheat Street, Padiham.

The chihuahua-collie cross was killed instantly and Kylie says her three-year-old girl Alicia Grace has been left heartbroken at the loss.

She claimed the taxi had been driving far too fast down the quiet street and the driver failed to stop after the incident.

The nursery nurse claimed friends in the town had suffered similar tragedies with family pets killed or injured and called for taxis to hit the brakes.

She said: “My three-year-old daughter and I are absolutely devastated and my daughter is finding it hard to understand that he is gone.

“My dog was crossing the road when a taxi came flying down a 20 mph street and ran over my dog and sped off without stopping. It threw him down the road and killed him instantly.

“There is a speed bump so the driver should have slowed down for that especially with the weather conditions. We are heartbroken that he is dead.”

Kylie said she called the police who managed to find the driver.

She said: “They returned and told me they can’t do anything even though my dog’s fur was on the tyre. The driver said he thought he had run over a plastic bag or bottle which is outrageous as obviously a dog and a carrier bag are two different sizes and weights. We have not even had an apology from the taxi firm.”

Since the tragedy, Kylie said she had received several texts from friends who claimed they had suffered similar incidents at the hands of “reckless” drivers.

“It is ridiculous how they can get away with this. I want drivers to be more careful. We don’t want this to happen to other people.”