Family fury as 10-year-old vile sex act claims case dropped

DEVASTATED parents of two four-year-old boys who were allegedly subjected to a “sickening” sex attack by another child were told by authorities the case has been dropped.

The Express exclusively reported that a 10-year-old boy was questioned by police in June over allegations he lured the pair from a garden in the Whittlefield area to woodland where he forced them into a series of vile sex acts.

But, after a three-month rape investigation, the Crown Prosecution Service has decided to drop the case and has said no further action would be taken against the youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

The families of the two alleged victims have reacted with disgust and branded the decision “diabolical”.

The mother of one of the four-year-olds said: “I cried my eyes out when they told me. I just couldn’t understand it.


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“They are just passing it off as child’s play and experimentation. I think they are just making excuses. What was the point in going to the police and telling them and making my son go to hospital if nothing was going to be done about it?”

The child’s furious grandmother added: “It has all been swept under the carpet. This country deserves all it gets as far as the law is concerned.

“I just have no faith in law and order now at all. None whatsoever if they just sit back and do nothing.”

The case came to light on June 2nd after the two alleged victims were found naked and distressed in woodland near their home in the Whittlefield area.


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It is claimed the 10-year-old boy lured the two tots from their garden into the woods where they were forced to play a game of “monsters” which supposedly involved a series of degrading sex acts.

Police took the youth in for questioning but, due to the sensitive and complex nature of the case, did not arrest or caution him.

The boy and his family were advised by police to move out of the neighbourhood as tensions flared among the close-knit community.

The family of the two alleged victims claim they were kept in the dark throughout the investigation until they were told the case had been dropped last week.


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The mother of one of the alleged victims said: “I cannot ever move on from this. My son’s behaviour has changed because of all this. I cannot sleep at night. I don’t know how we can move forward.

“I will not let this drop. We want something done about it. I have written a letter to Downing Street.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Constabulary said: “We are aware the CPS has made the decision not to proceed with any prosecution in this case, which we accept and understand.

“The families of the four-year-old boys are fully aware of the decision.”


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It is believed the 10-year-old and his family have been rehoused at another location in the borough.