Family flee Burnley lap-top bedroom blaze

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A Burnley mum, her two children and pet dogs fled a blaze at their home caused by an overheating laptop pack last night.

Fire-fighters were called out to the property in Rosehill Road just before 9pm and praised the actions of the brave mum, who had been alerted to the drama unfolding upstairs by her smoke alarm.

A fire service spokesman said: “The householder was watching television in the downstairs lounge while her children slept upstairs in their bedrooms.

“A smoke detector on the first floor landing of the property has been activated by smoke from an overheating charger pack, alerting the parent downstairs.

“On investigation of the alarm, the householder has discovered her bedding on fire and has immediately managed to evacuate her children to safety and call the fire service from outside the property.

“On this occasion, the actions of the parent must be commended and we cannot stress enough the importance of smoke detection in peoples property which, on this occasion, has undoubtedly saved lives.”

Two fire engines rushed to the address to find the area smoke filled and fire-fighters used breathing apparatus, a thermal imaging camera and a hosereel to extinguish the flames inside, while fire fighters used a triple extension ladder and hosereel to fight the fire through the bedroom window.

There was severe fire damage to the bedroom, severe smoke damage to the remainder of the first floor and water damage to the lounge below the bedroom.

Fire-fighters advised that electrical items such as hairdryers, straighteners, laptops, tablets etc should not be left on bedding when switched on and should be switched off when not in use.