Wildflower area a pain in the grass

The "eyesore" long grass at Regent Close
The "eyesore" long grass at Regent Close

A councillor called for action after residents complained that a wildflower patch had become an overgrown eyesore.

And within hours, council parks staff had moved in to tackle the “blot on the landscape” at Regent Close, Padiham.

Residents in the bungalows, off Coronation Avenue, look out over a grassed area that used to be mown short by council parks workers.

More recently an area in the middle was left uncut and seeded with wildflowers, but the flowers had become overwhelmed by grass nearly three feet high.

“It’s a real shame,” said Mr John Drinkwater, who took photographs of the area while visiting his elderly mother-in-law, Mrs Jean Conlan.

“The people in the close look after their front gardens, but this long grass is a blot on the landscape.

“A wildflower garden might have been a good idea, and it looked all right at first, but now it’s just awful.

“It needs to be cut right down and started again.”

Borough councillor Mrs Jean Cunningham, who lives nearby, said the council’s mowing policy was the same all over the borough, with only the margins of grassed areas cut and the rest left and seeded with wildflowers. When the grass gets too long, it is then cut.

She said on Wednesday: “I mentioned it to the parks department a fortnight ago, but they’re very busy when the weather’s like it is.

“I’ve been back to them, and they said it’ll be cut this afternoon.”