Waste ground in Burnley and padiham trasformed into wild flower meadows

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THE beauty of nature is brightening up the borough’s wasteland.

Two areas, one in Burnley and the other in Padiham, have been transformed: one is a gated formal community garden for elderly residents and the other has been turned into a wild flower meadow.

Bluebell Community Garden, in Padiham, came about after members of St John’s Residents’ Group teamed up with staff from Calico Homes.

People living in the area were asked for their suggestions and cash in the form of grants, and from fund-raising, paid for unkempt land to be professionally landscaped. The garden also has gates and fences to stop it being used as a shortcut.

The majority of housing association tenants in the area are elderly and, as such, many are housebound, but the community garden is giving them a place to meet.

Mrs J. Conlan, of Regent Close, said: “It’s brought people out of their bungalows, which is nice as we’re all chatting. It’s something we can take care of.

“People have been out watering the plants. It gives us something to think about.”

The wild flower meadow developed from an idea in Burnley Council’s green spaces and amenities department. Instead of being mowed in the spring and summer, pockets of land around the borough have been left to grow naturally as meadows to attract butterflies and bees and to be a haven for wildlife.

The meadows are cut once, in late summer or early autumn. Areas are litter-picked regularly and council staff also mow any informal paths through the areas.

Waste ground on the corner of Branch Road and Parliament Street is one of the most successful meadows and is awash with colour.

Mr Vic Gebbie, of Irene Street, Burnley, captured the look on film. He said: “It certainly brightens up an area that needs it.”