Traffic chaos continues well into morning

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Traffic chaos around Burnley continued well into the morning after new lights created a bottleneck on several roads.

Motorists found themselves queued up from as early as 6-30am, and roads were still blocked at 11am, when the Burnley Express filmed this video at the end of Burnham Gate.

Traffic chaos at end of Burnham Gate

Traffic chaos at end of Burnham Gate

The new lights at the busy Barracks roundabout, finally operating after months of delays, resulted in queues of cars making a tortuous slow slog into Burnley.

Angry drivers took to social media to voice their frustrations over the latest disruption.

One driver emailed the Express to say: “After months of delays and aggravation the new traffic light system at the top of Westgate is unveiled.

“And what an utter shambles, now adding a breathtaking seven minutes to the morning commute. Even by Highway Agency standards, this is a work of staggering incompetence. The Burnley driver has long been a beleaguered soul who grits his teeth with the patience of a saint. The people responsible for this monstrosity should be pelted with soggy fruit in the market square.”