Schoolgirl Lily is pride of town after launching litter pick at popular park and beauty spot

Schoolgirl Lily Rigg is so passionate about the environment she gave up her Bank Holiday to run her own little clean up campaign.

Lily Rigg takes a breather from her litter pick campaign
Lily Rigg takes a breather from her litter pick campaign

A regular trip to Barrowford Park with her dad, Stephen, left Lily (nine) crestfallen at the amount of rubbish and litter left behind by visitors.

So she asked her dad if she could give the place a tidy up.

Impressed by her caring attitude, Stephen took Lily to the buy some gloves and bin bags and the duo got stuck into the litter pick together.

They covered the park, Bullholme playing fields and the river area and BMX bike track where determined Lily even collected rubbish from the many families who were enjoying picnics.

Plucky Lily, who is a pupil at St Stephen's Primary School in Burnley, also challenged a group of teens who were walking away from a pile of their own rubbish.

Stephen said: "They were taken aback and embarrassed and by the time they could decide what to do Lily swooped in and picked up their rubbish too."

Lily, who was joined by her grandad, Alex, for the litter pick, is now the pride of her family including her mum, Amanda and her sisters, Ruby (14) and Evie who is six.

Stephen said: "Lily is a fantastic girl with a great attitude and a keen moral sense.

"She is passionate about everything she does and very keen to learn."