Pollution fear as dead fish found in Burnley town centre river

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POLLUTION fears have been raised after more than 50 dead fish were found in a Burnley river.

Dead trout and chub were discovered washed up in the River Brun around the town centre and further upstream in Thompson Park yesterday.

Environment Agency officers have launched an investigation but it is unclear what has caused the fish to die.

Toxic pollution or even low oxygen levels in the river could be behind the mystery deaths but a full survey is being conducted by experts.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency confirmed that it was investigating several reports from along the River Brun.

He said: “An environment officer has found trout and chub in the river that are dead. The officer will conduct a comprehensive walk round to see how many more fish he can find and see if he can discover what has caused them to die.

“We will be working to establish what exactly has happened.”