Pendle litter bugs hit with 400 fines in just three weeks

New litter enforcements officers in have issued more than 400 on-the-spot fines in three weeks since they started operating on Pendle's streets.

Wednesday, 20th March 2019, 9:42 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th March 2019, 9:48 am
New litter enforcement officers are patrolling Pendle's streets

Members of the public have been caught for dropping cigarette stubs, food wrappers and drinks cans and bottles by the council's new partners District Enforcement Ltd.

David Alexander, who leads Pendle Council’s Environmental Crime Team, said: “District Enforcement Ltd works across all parts of Pendle for a 12 month trial at no cost to Pendle Council.

“We want to clamp down on the people who are spoiling Pendle’s environment for everyone else. Littering is an environmental crime and the fine for littering has recently increased from £75 to £150, or £80 for early payment."

“This includes cigarette butts,” he warned.

Pendle Council has also increased the fine for littering from a vehicle from £75 to £150.

Mr Alexander added: “Please provide as many details as possible to help Pendle Council catch the culprits.

"Having the new team of enforcers is freeing up time for Pendle Council’s environmental crime officers to tackle lengthier problems, such as investigating fly tipping and work to bring the culprits to court.

“The aim is simply to make Pendle a cleaner place."

Local people can flag up problem hotspots for littering and dog fouling online