Hundreds of newly planted trees will be Burnley Lions' legacy

A group that devotes its time to helping people in the community branched out into tree planting.

Burnley Lions hard at work planting trees in Rowley
Burnley Lions hard at work planting trees in Rowley

Volunteers from Burnley Lions planted 105 trees on Rowley in the town between the Thornton Arms and the lake.

June Evans of Trees for Burnley identified the areas where additional trees could be planted to extend the wooded areas for future generations to enjoy.

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There were also several gaps that needed filling where older trees had died off.

The Lions obtained a pack from the Woodland Trust and planted a mixture of trees including oak, rowan, hawthorne, blackthorne, silver birch and hazel.

Lion Frank Seed said: "This was a very worthwhile thing to do and cost us nothing but our time.

"The trees provide habitat for insects, birds and other wildlife and gives pleasure to people who enjoy walking in the countryside."

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And the hard working volunteers were rewarded with a box of chocolates by a passerby.

Frank added: "We would like to thank the lady who donated them as they were delicious and very much appreciated."