Help clean up Burnley park

Towneley Hall
Towneley Hall
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THE Friends of Towneley Park need your help.

The group is asking members of the public to meet at the rotunda in the park at 10-30am on Thursday to help “beat the balsam”.

Himalayan balsam is a deceptively attractive but invasive plant that if left unchecked will out-compete native wildflowers.

Trees for Burnley and the Forest of Burnley have already cleared some areas of balsam at Towneley but much more needs to be done.

All that’s needed is some stout footwear, a pair of old gloves and old clothing suitable for weather conditions.

For other dates when Friends of Towneley Park will be picking balsam contact Maureen Frankland telephone 01282 432423, Pat Colbran telephone 01282 426449 or go to