Fury as 'selfish' litter louts turn Towneley Park into a dumping ground

Burnley Council has blamed a "selfish minority" after unsightly piles of litter were left strewn across Towneley Park.

Hundreds of visitors descended on the Burnley beauty spot yesterday for a day in the sun with the relaxing of Covid restrictions on Monday allowing groups to mix outside again.

However, council staff were left demoralised and disgusted upon entering the grounds this morning as they were greeted by a sea of discarded empty bottles, food wrappers and plastic bags

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A Burnley Council spokesman said: "It's great that we have so many beautiful parks in our borough that everyone can enjoy, whatever time of the year.

Towneley Park the day after hundreds of people flocked to the grounds for a day in the sun

"What's not so great is the litter and damage caused by a selfish minority of visitors.

"These photos show just some of the litter left strewn on the playing fields opposite Towneley Hall.

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"Similar problems, and worse, happened in other local parks.

"There are plenty of litter bins in our parks. If someone can bring stuff to the park, they can take it home with them as well.

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Burnley Council staff say other beauty spots across the town were plagued with similar incidents

"Staff and volunteers work throughout the year to make Towneley Hall and Park one of the best visitor attractions in the North West. Just one day and the mindless actions of a few destroy all the hard work.

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"Simple message - please dispose of your litter responsibly. Either put it in a bin or take it home, and help protect our parks."