Fly-tippers bring misery to Burnley residents

John Wroe with the the freezer that has been dumped on land off Basnett Road.
John Wroe with the the freezer that has been dumped on land off Basnett Road.
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Residents want Burnley Council to take swift action against fly tippers because their street is turning into a dumpers’ paradise.

Basnett Street and Melville Street are less than half a mile from the recycling centre at Heasandford, but every day lazy dumpers discard rubbish on council-owned land.

A chest freezer has now been there for five weeks, Scrap collectors ripped out the motor, and it is now used as a giant dustbin.

“Fly tipping is a big problem and it is getting worse,” said Mr John Wroe. “A Streetscene van with open sides picks up rubbish left after the Thursday bin collection but only in the width of a back street. It never touches the stuff a couple of yards away.

“The chest freezer is in full view of everyone passing by on their way to and from a nursery, a school and a community centre, yet the council refuses to take it away.

“I have it on good authority that a van did collect it, and then returned it!

The main problem areas are an old garage site and its ash footpath. In recent years several garages have been demolished after falling into disrepair or being vandalised. The overgrown vacant lots are now prime dumping land, and many are strewn with the remains of broken asbestos from the garages.

“We want Burnley Council to clean up the garage site and the path, rather than just taking the rents, and we want it done properly and regularly,” said Mr Wroe.

“Nine years ago the council sent everyone letters threatening fines up to £1,000 for leaving side-waste.

“It seems a meaningless gesture as far as I can see when it comes to people who do not have a pride in keeping the neighbourhood clean.

“We’ve even seen a woman empty a vacuum cleaner in the middle of the street. I could not believe my eyes.”

“On another occasion I filmed a family dumping lots of household waste opposite my home, so I handed in the evidence and reported the asbestos, again, at the same time.

“Nothing was done, absolutely nothing. Perhaps a few £1,000 fines might dissuade people from dumping.”

A spokesman for Burnley Council said: “We’ve not had any requests to remove fly-tipping from the garage site on Basnett Street recently. Our officer has been down to inspect the area today and we’re in the process of getting the site cleared.

If anybody has anything to report they can do so by contacting our Streetscene on 425011 or by visiting our website”