Burnley town centre fracking protest

Mr Frackhead in Burnley town centre
Mr Frackhead in Burnley town centre
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A 15ft anti-fracking puppet monster, Mr Frackhead, was ‘fracking’ in Burnley town centre as part of the Global Frackdown – a worldwide day of action against fracking.

Groups, including Burnley Friends of the Earth and members of the Frack Free Lancashire Alliance, were aiming to raise awareness about fracking and its impact.

Drilling company Cuadrilla has applied to frack eight wells in the Fylde and Lancashire County Council will be making a decision on the plans later this year. A new Government licensing round for onshore oil and gas has also opened up further areas of Lancashire to potential fracking including Burnley and its district.

Helen Rimmer, North West Campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said: “East Lancashire is only one of many areas around the world living under the threat of being fracked..

“We want Lancashire County Council to say no to dirty fracking and back clean energy solutions such as solar, wind, tidal and energy efficiency, which could boost the local economy and create thousands of jobs.”

Avril Hesson, from Burnley Friends of the Earth, said: “Mr Frackhead was a great success. We had a lot of interest from passers-by and the vast majority of people we talked to are opposed to fracking and prefer clean energy instead. Burnley could be next in the fracking frontline and we want Lancashire County Council to say no to fracking now.”