200 Burnley homes get improved recycling service

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A NEW and improved recycling service is set to benefit around 200 homes in Burnley.

The properties, mainly in the Manchester Road and Burnley Road area of Dunnockshaw, are in the process of being transferred on to the main “urban” collection rounds. It means they will no longer be classed as “rural” properties and will see improvements to the way their garden waste is collected.

Burnley Council has also reiterated the fact that its rural collections system will be remaining the same despite a recent decision by neighbouring Rossendale Council to change the way it collects waste.

“We have no intention of going down the same route as Rossendale,” said Burnley Council’s director of environment David Brown. “We collect recycling and rubbish from homes, whether they are in the middle of town or out in the more rural parts of the borough.

“We are making relatively small changes to a small number of homes to improve our efficiency.

“This will free up a vehicle and crew which will be used to help clean up the borough. This might mean a change in collection day for the homes affected but it also means improvements to the green waste service.

“We are in the process of delivering letters to all the affected properties and talking to residents about the changes.

“Anyone wanting to take up the ‘green’ waste service can ‘opt in’ and will get a brown wheelie bin to collect recyclable ‘green’ waste in, free of charge.”