Engine dropped out of crash car

Burnley Magistrates' Court.
Burnley Magistrates' Court.
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A Padiham drink driver involved in a midnight crash told police a wheel fell off and the engine dropped out, a court heard.

Shaun Ruddeforth (34) turned out to be more than twice the legal limit when he was breath-tested after the collision on February 26th. He had borrowed a friend’s vehicle and did not have a licence or insurance.
Burnley magistrates were told Ruddeforth blew 79 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath – the legal limit is 35.
The defendant, of Partridge Hill Street, admitted driving with excess alcohol on Griffin Close in Burnley, no licence and no insurance. He was fined £120, with a £20 victim surcharge and £85 costs and was banned for 17 months.
Andrew Robinson (prosecuting) said a front wheel of the car was significantly damaged and the vehicle couldn’t be driven. Ruddeforth told police he had been driving down the road when the wheel came off and the engine dropped out.
John Rusius, for Ruddeforth, said he had had a couple of cans of lager which turned out to be much stronger than he anticipated.
He remained with the vehicle, co-operated with police and accepted he had been drinking. The solicitor added: “Maybe if he wasn’t so honest he couldn’t have been convicted of this offence.”