Electrical fault sparks Burnley washing machine blaze

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A WASHING machine caught fire at the home of a Burnley woman yesterday evening.

The young woman discovered the blaze at her Melville Street home after the electricity supply tripped out.

She had been using a hairdryer when the power went off and she found smoke billowing into her home.

Fire crews were called to the address at 6-20pm and discovered that the washing machine had caught fire in an out house.

Crew manager Joel Mason, of Burnley Fire Station, said: “We could not initially locate the fire but we discovered it in an outhouse.

“The electric had tripped out which alerted the woman that there was something wrong.

“We found the washing machine smouldering. It looks like an electrical fault in the appliance caused the fire.”

“It was lucky this did not happen at night, it could have been a lot worse.”

Crew manager Mason added that it was vital that homes are fitted with smoke alarms to give homeowners early warning to a blaze.

The washing machine was completely destroyed by fire.