Efforts to reduce teen pregnancies in Burnley are working

Health bosses in Lancashire have said their efforts to reduce the high numbers of teenage pregnancies in Burnley are working.

But health professionals at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust this week confirmed they have seen a drop in teenage pregnancy in the area and are encouraging more teenagers to make positive choices about their sexual health.

The Contraception and Sexual Health Team (CaSH) at the Trust is encouraging young people in Burnley aged 18 and under to make the right choices for them about how and when they get pregnant.

Sue Capstick, service line manager for the Contraception and Sexual Health service at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are currently seeing record lows of teenage pregnancy in Burnley with the figures being lower than ever before.


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“In 1998 the under 18s figures that were recorded showed 146 teenage pregnancies, this had dropped considerably to 62 by 2013 and the under 16s figures have dropped to 53 since 2009.

“We continue to see a steady decline. We are proud to work with excellent partners such as local schools, colleges and youth groups to provide sex education to young people across the area.

“Our teams ensure messages regarding safe sex practice are available to young people, their parents and guardians to help start conversations and ensure young people feel comfortable asking questions and seeking advice when they need it to enable them to make informed decisions.”

The CaSH Team said it provides workshops to partner organisations, and has recently expanded this work into high schools.


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Sue Roscow, community sexual health development lead at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, said: “There is a very strong history of such partnerships in East Lancashire leading to successful reductions in both the under 16s and under 18s conceptions rates.

“We aim to promote a positive attitude towards sexual health through workshops and manuals, and adapt our workshops to suit each school and age group.”

The teams don’t just provide contraception and clinics, but offer education and information in partnership with Burnley Borough Council, school nurses, social services and other organisations.

To get in touch with the team for more information call 01282 628653.