Special measures school showing ‘improvement’ according to inspectors

Mrs Ruth England
Mrs Ruth England
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A Burnley “super school” that showed “serious weaknesses” last year has made major improvements.

Shuttleworth College has made numerous staff changes and has now been praised for its strong leadership, clear vision and the determination to bring about improvements, in an Ofsted interim inspection.

We are pleased with the school’s progress so far, there are still hurdles to get over, but we believe we will get there

Headteacher Mrs England

The Padiham school is being monitored after it was seen to have serious weaknesses in an Ofsted inspection in September.

Since then new headteacher Ruth England has implemented changes and introduced three new members of the senior leadership team.

The interim Ofsted report said: “By September 2015, 19 staff will have left the school and 18 new permanent staff will be in post,” and added that the overall quality of teaching had improved substantially.

The school was praised for making big strides in many areas including monitoring pupil achievement, pupil attendance, in-house training programmes, the quality of lessons and a more varied timetable.

It said: “The headteacher and the restructured senior leadership team continue to have a very clear view of what needs to be done to improve learning at the school and to address the points for improvement.

“Senior leaders remain firm in their implementation of the actions needed to improve teaching and to raise standards.”

With GCSE results due in August, the report also said: “This year’s predicted results suggest that the proportion of students gaining A* to C GCSE grades in five or more subjects, including English and mathematics, will rise.”

In Ofsted’s overall findings, Inspector Terry Holland concluded: “The school is making reasonable progress towards the removal of the serious weaknesses designation.”

Headteacher Mrs England said: “We are pleased with the report as the changes we have introduced since September are now beginning to take shape and have an impact.”

“We have worked really hard in turning the school around and providing a positive atmosphere for learning.

“There are still improvements to be made but we feel we are getting there and it’s down to the hard work and dedication of the staff, the students, the governors and the parents who have embraced the changes we are making at Shuttleworth College.

“We are excited about the future. We have met our new Year Sevens for September who came in for a transition week recently and they are a talented group who will come here with positive attitudes and under strong leadership and we will strive to help them flourish.

“We are pleased with the school’s progress so far, there are still hurdles to get over, but we believe we will get there.”