Seeing double at Blessed Trinity RC College

SPITTING IMAGE: The eight sets of twins in Year 7 at Blessed Trinity RC College in Burnley
SPITTING IMAGE: The eight sets of twins in Year 7 at Blessed Trinity RC College in Burnley

Teachers at Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic College were seeing more than double when EIGHT sets of twins signed up for Year Seven this year.

With four sets of boys, two sets of girls and two sets of mixed sex twins, Head of Year Seven and Transition Lindsay Bleazard admitted it was a startling statistic with Ladbrokes quoting odds of eight million to one of this happening: “Similar odds are on offer for Burnley to win the Premier League 2014/15,” said the bookmakers.

“It’s unbelievable.” said Mrs Bleazard. “At every primary school we went to talk to last year, there seemed to be another set of twins who wanted to come to Blessed Trinity and we didn’t realise there were so many until we sat down and counted them,” said Mrs Bleazard.

“To have eight was a huge surprise and we have never had that many before - there must have been something in the water.”

The twins were all born between November 2002 and June 2003 and the double acts for the boys are Jimmy and Jason Jiang, Joshua and Bradley Cooper, Nathan and Joshua Daulton and Connor and Callum Pickard - all identical twins.

“We play pranks,” admitted Josh and Nathan, aged 11. “People muddle us up so we do play on it at times - in fact Blessed Trinity teachers Mrs Murphy didn’t realise there were two of us until she saw us together recently! She kept saying she had spoken to one of us, when in fact she had spoken to the other. Being one of a twin does make us popular though.”

Olivia and Isaac Kelly are a mixed set and Olivia, 11, said she didn’t like being a boy and girl twin: “It’s quite annoying at times. We just fight all the time.”

Francesca Musso, whose twin is brother Nico, said: “I don’t think we look like each other at all.”

Abby and Emily O’Brien are one set of girls twins while Holly and Ellie Ratcliffe are the others. Holly and Ellie were the only set of twins in their class at Christ the King Primary School so admitted it was strange coming to a school where there were so many.

I didn’t think there was eight sets of twins in our year,” said Holly. “It is unusual but it’s quite nice too that we aren’t the only ones.”