Primet High School part-time teachers made redundant

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TWO part-time teachers at Primet High School, Colne, have been made redundant.

The job cuts have been made due to falling numbers of pupils on the school roll, a situation common in secondary schools across Lancashire.

Headteacher Mrs Janet Walsh said: “Levels of staffing have reduced as staff move on to other posts, but recently, to balance our budget, we’ve reluctantly had to make two part-time teachers redundant.

“We have worked with the local authority and professional associations to make sure we have done this properly and without undermining our pupils’ education.

“We anticipate pupil numbers will rise again in the next few years, so we are ensuring we are both financially secure for the future and appropriately staffed.

“By doing so, we will continue to provide high quality teaching and resources for the pupils at Colne Primet High School, while developing a sound foundation for our future plans.”