Medical ethics expert poses tough questions

ETHICAL DEBATE: Dr David Cook talks to students
ETHICAL DEBATE: Dr David Cook talks to students
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AN international expert on medical ethics has visited Thomas Whitham Sixth Form and Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre.

Dr David Cook, who is a Fellow of Green College at Oxford University, led two discussions on medical ethics, one with Year 12 students and the other with community members, including representatives from hospitals and hospices.

The Thomas Whitham students enjoyed a lively debate and were joined by headteacher Mr Stuart Smith and senior tutor Kath Yates.

At the evening debate, a diverse audience considered subjects such as genetics, fertility, neuroscience, assisted suicide and discussion over Sir Terry Pratchett, the award-winning author who has been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr Cook is a committed Christian, so a great deal of time was spent on the question of what it means to act justly.