Hapton Primary School is ‘outstanding’

GLOWING REPORT: Headteacher Mrs Jacquie Clarke and deputy head Mr Paul Burgess celebrate Hapton Primary School's Ofsted report with pupils
GLOWING REPORT: Headteacher Mrs Jacquie Clarke and deputy head Mr Paul Burgess celebrate Hapton Primary School's Ofsted report with pupils

Pupils at a village primary school were rated as outstanding by Ofsted inspectors.

The behaviour of students at Hapton Primary School received the top accolade available, while the school was rated as good across the board, an early Christmas present for staff and pupils.

Pupils’ attitudes to school and their work was described as outstanding which has a positive impact on the progress they make. Their behaviour was described as exemplary and the children were viewed as being very polite and considerate with a well informed understanding of different types of bullying. Inspectors said the students’ behaviour in lessons was excellent and they organised themselves sensibly and applied themselves well to their work.

Inspectors reported that the last inspection in January, 2012, identified the start of an improvement trend and the school has continued to flourish under the astute and skilful leadership of headteacher Mrs Jacquie Clarke. The report pointed out that Mrs Clarke had moved the school ‘s overall effectiveness from satisfactory to good.

Staff morale is high and the assistant headteacher and senior staff were said to be making strong contributions to school improvement and were seen as positive role models for colleagues.

The quality of teaching has improved from satisfactory to good since the last inspection with some outstanding practice, especially in the Early Years Foundation stage and in years five and six. The result of this is ongoing improvements in pupils’ achievements. Where teaching is outstanding lessons are structured and planned with great care to ensure that everyone is given the correct balance of challenge and support and so that pupils of all abilities are able to make excellent progress.

Effective teaching across the school has resulted in raising standards in all classes, Ofsted said and this year the proportions of pupils who reached the higher level in reading, writing and mathematics by the end of Year Two was above the national average. Standards in reading are also rising at Hapton Primary School with the proportion of pupils who met the required standard in the year one check on their phonic skills, slightly below average in 2012 but above average this year.

Children at Hapton Primary School were said to make outstanding progress from their individual starting points when they enter the reception class and by the end of the year most are working at the expected levels for their age and some are even exceeding expectations.

Inspectors praised the fact that the gap between the achievements of pupils known tobe eligible for free school meals and for pupil premium funding and that of other students in the school. Inspectors said this was due to the school’s uncompromising commitment to ensuring equal opportunities for every pupil.

Mrs Clarke said that everyone at the school was thrilled with the report, saying:”We have a great team of staff, governors and parents who have worked relentlessly to ensure that we have continued to improve as a school. “The most important group though are our children. The inspector recognised that pupils’ attitude to school and their work was exemplary and therefore the behaviour and safety of pupils’ were judged to be ‘outstanding’.

“Since the last inspection we have focused on the quality of teaching and this has been recognised in the inspection.’’