Former Shuttleworth College pupils celebrate their success

TOP AWARDS: Shuttleworth College Awards Evening (from left) head girl Victoria Atkinson, head boy Liam Dixon, Mayor and Mayoress of Padiham Vince and Gillian Pridden and headteacher Mr Bob Wakefield.
TOP AWARDS: Shuttleworth College Awards Evening (from left) head girl Victoria Atkinson, head boy Liam Dixon, Mayor and Mayoress of Padiham Vince and Gillian Pridden and headteacher Mr Bob Wakefield.

Former pupils of Shuttleworth College celebrated their success at the school’s annual awards evening.

Last year’s Year 11 group returned to the school in Burnley Road, Padiham, to collect their certificates and trophies.

They were joined by staff, representatives from the business community and the Mayor and Mayoress of Padiham, Coun. Vince and Gillian Pridden, who presented some of the awards.

Headteacher Mr Bob Wakefield said: “It was a lovely evening and it was great to see what some of our students are doing now.”

The award-winners were: 100% attendance, Scarlett Archibald-Wright, Victoria Atkinson, Danielle Bennett, Lewis Bowling, Jack Brown, Lewis Gorton, Amy Hartley-Green, Ewan Hindle, Callum Jordan, Abbie Kearns, Matthew Lawson, Daniel Marshall, Cameron McKillop, Michael Rogan, Jake Sinkinson, Dominic Spencer, Jodie-Leigh Sutcliffe, Ross Williamson, Zoe Wood.

Award for Effort and Contribution (bronze), Michelle Anforth, Pepa Arkwright, Zack Bailey, Fern Barnett, Michaela Bouskill, Mark Brooks, Brandon Cherry, Lucy Coulthurst, Mollie Cousins, Lewis Dawson, Remi Foster, Mustafa Habibur, Amy Hartley-Green, Stephanie Hepworth, Bethany Jones, Katie Kendall, Cameron McKillop, Ben Playfer, Rebecca Ridehalgh, Jake Sinkinson, Roman Taylor-Greenwood, Gemma Wiggan;.

Award for Effort and contribution (silver), Victoria Atkinson, Georgia Bolton, Lauren Brierley, Daniel Crowther, Reece Daniels, Georgia Entwistle, Laura Fletcher, Luke Fletcher, Katie Hardisty, Brandon Hope, Daniel Lewis-Fallows, Chloe Madden, Courtney Richards, Sarah Richardson, Michael Rogan, Faye Schofield, Dominic Spencer, Jodie-Leigh Sutcliffe.

Award for Effort and Contribution (gold), Scarlett Archibald-Wright, Daniel Ashton, Kelly Carrick, Holly Cudworth, Liam Dixon, Lewis Gorton, Ryan Graham, Ewan Hindle, Emma Hitchon, Ryan Kay, Abbie Kearns, Jasmin Mansfield, Tiffany McNally, Kelsey Naylor, Amelia Spencer, Leah Stacey, Bethany Turner, Annabel Whiteside, Ross Williamson, Zoe Wood.

Best GCSE performance in art, Scarlett Archibald-Wright; best GCSE performance in textiles, Scarlett Archibald-Wright; best GCSE performance in PE, Daniel Ashton; progress in English literature, Benjamin Beesley; best GCSE performance in French and progress in PE, Georgia Bolton; best performance in BTEC sport, Duncan Bonney; progress in ICT Nationals, Mark Brooks; best GCSE performance in science additional, Jack Brown; progress in PSHE, Coral Carlin; progress in ICT core, Leon Chadburn; best GCSE performance in health and social care, Mollie Cousins; best performance in PSHE, Holly Cudworth. Best GCSE performance in graphic products, Liam Dixon; progress in art, Bradley Doherty; progress in food technology, Rebecca Fennell; progress in PE core, Laura Fletcher; progress in sport BTEC Jake Foster; progress in dance BTEC, Remi Foster; progress in iMedia, Lewis Gorton; best GCSE performance in maths and physics, Ryan Graham; progress in citizenship, Ewan Hindle; best GCSE performance in food technology and drama, Emma Hitchon; best GCSE performance in PE core, Brandon Hope; progress in history, Jordan Hudson; best GCSE performance in ICT nationals, Matthew Irving; progress in English language and best GCSE performance in PE, Bethany Jackson; progress in PE core, Callum Jordan; progress in biology and French, Abbie Kearns; progress in science BTEC, Katie Kendall; progress in health and social care, Jessica King; progress in graphic products and PE, Matthew Lawson; progress in resistant materials, Rhys Layfield; best GCSE performance in catering, Abbie Loughlin; progress in drama, Declan McKavett; progress in history, Cameron McKillop; best GCSE performance in biology, English language, English literature and history, Tiffany McNally; best GCSE performance in iMedia and progress and progress in physics, Kelsey Naylor; progress in music, Morgan Overson; best GCSE performance in ICT core, Rebecca Ridehalgh; best GCSE performance in chemistry and geography, Michael Rogan; progress in maths and textiles, Faye Schofield; progress in science additional and catering, Jade Sinkinson; progress in geography, Amelia Spencer; progress in chemistry, Leah Stacey; best GCSE performance in PE core, Jodie-Leigh Sutcliffe; progress in religious education, Adam Taylor; best GCSE performance in music, Ricky Westrip; best exam performance in dance BTEC, Annabel Whiteside; best exam performance in science BTEC, Gemma Wiggan; best GCSE performance in citizenship, Ross Williamson; best GCSE performance in history and religious education, Zoe Wood.

Warburtons Award for endeavour in mathematics, Danielle Bennett, Jack Brown, Brandon Cherry, Amy Hartley-Green, Dale Greenwood, Jasmin Mansfield, Brian Nerney, Benjamin Playfer, Michael Rogan, Joshua Shackleton, Jake Sinkinson, Ross Williamson.

Burnley Education Trust Award, Luke Fletcher; STEM Award, Ryan Graham; Outstanding Contribution to PE Shields, Brandon Hope, Jodie-Leigh Sutcliffe; deputy head boy KS3, Brandon Hope; deputy head girl KS3, Remi Foster; deputy head boy KS4, Ross Williamson; deputy head girl KS4, Annabel Whiteside; head boy, Liam Dixon; head girl, Victoria Atkinson; B. & R. Wilson Trophy for Endeavour, Dean Clough; Best Overall Female Exam Results, Tiffany McNally; Best Overall Male Exam Results, Michael Rogan; Highest Female Achiever, Annabel Whiteside; Highest Male Achiever, Cameron McKillop; Student of the Year, Tiffany McNally.