First day at school for Burnley miracle boy

Morgan Taylor (4) who is due to start school next week with his mum Susan and brother Ollie (1).
Morgan Taylor (4) who is due to start school next week with his mum Susan and brother Ollie (1).

A “little fighter” from Burnley who was born 12 weeks premature and is battling a string of potentially life-threatening health complaints is preparing for his first day at school.

Morgan Taylor’s parents were told he would probably not survive when he was born at 28 weeks by emergency Caesarean Section in February 2009. He weighed just 1lb.8oz.

He has undergone a series of operations and suffers from adrenal insufficiency, which could kill him at any time.

The condition means his body does not produce enough steroid hormones and if he is put under any kind of stress such as an accident, injury, surgery or infection, he could die.

The four-year-old also has growth problems, chronic lung disease, a heart defect, behavioural problems and has to be fed through a tube.

But, despite spending much of his life in hospital, Morgan is due to start at Worsthorne Primary School next week.

His proud mum Susan Murwald (39), of Old Hall Square, Worsthorne, said: “I’m pleased that he’s going to be starting school but I’m also scared. It’s a waiting game really and we don’t know how much time he’s got left.”

Morgan lives with his mum, dad Neil Taylor (37), 18-month-old brother Ollie, and one of Susan’s three older children, Abbey (14).

Susan said they try as much as possible to give Morgan a normal life but his health complications often make that difficult.

Staff at the school will be given specialist training to ensure they know how to react if Morgan is taken ill.

He must take a cocktail of medication every day and is under the care of five consultants at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital where he has regular appointments.

“When he was born we didn’t think he was going to make it. Everything happened so fast, we were taken into a room and told that he probably wouldn’t survive. But he did, he’s a little fighter.

“He’s really cheeky. It’s like he’s been here before. He lives his life to the full and when he’s poorly he bounces back quickly. At the moment we just take one day at a time because that’s all we can do.”