Delight as Rosegrove Nursery rated outstanding

NURSERY DELIGHT: Children celebrate an outstanding OFSTED report
NURSERY DELIGHT: Children celebrate an outstanding OFSTED report

A happy, caring nursery school with an inspirational head teacher has been awarded “Outstanding” status by an Ofsted inspector.

Clare Henderson said head teacher Sarah Jones’s outstanding leadership, high quality teaching and meticulous care means every child at Rosegrove Nursery has excellent achievements and all behave exceptionally well because staff set them an excellent example.

Mrs Jones said she was “absolutely delighted” with the report, which she put down to teamwork, and working together. “We’re extremely proud of the report which has been achieved through the governors, staff and parents working together to create a learning environment where all children are successful and enjoy their learning,” she said.

Mrs Jones was acting head when the nursery school was given a “Good” Ofsted in 2010 and was made the permanent head teacher in 2012. The nursery, in Havelock Street, Burnley, has 51 children on the roll, with more three and four year olds due to join at Christmas.

There are seven members of staff, plus administrative support.

Children usually arrive with skills which are below and, for some, significantly below those expected for their age, particularly in their social, emotional and communication skills. They make rapid progress because of the outstanding provision.

The inspection found that children acquire early literacy and numeracy skills seamless because they are cleverly planned into the wide variety of exciting activities. By the time they leave the nursery, every child reaches a development level in line with their age, and some are well on the way to doing work normally expected by the end of the Reception Year.

Part of the nursery’s success is its close liaison with the on-site Pippins day care: working parents can have full-time child care, and children benefit from continuous learning.

Pippins, with a staff of five, was inspected in June and also classed as “Outstanding”.The nursery school is also federated with Rosegrove Infant School which shares the same governing body.

Looking to the future, the nursery intends to continue its work with parents to help them support their children’s learning more fully at home.