Burnley school league tables - statistics

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STATISTICS looking at how well schools nurture children, show progress continues to be made in Burnley.

The figures are part of a complex set of league performance tables published by the Department of Education.

Academically, however, only one school in Burnley had more than half the pupils achieving five good GCSE passes that include English and maths.

The table from the Department of Education shows 51% of Blessed Trinity RC College pupils gained A* to C grades in at least five subjects, up 7% on the previous year.

Hameldon’s performance dropped, from 38% to 36%. The school also had the highest level of absenteeism, with one in 10 children failing to attend.

At Sir John Thursby, 47% of pupils gained A* to C, a jump of 5%, and a substantial improvement on 2008 when only 26%, little over a quarter, of pupils achieved the same result.

Headteacher Mrs Elaine Dawson said the school’s success owes much to setting a curriculum that helps pupils achieve what they can and to encourage good attendance.

Sir John Thursby had the lowest level of absence in the area - 4.6%.

Added Mrs Dawson: “We’ve worked hard on attendance, because children need to be in school if they are to learn, and once they are in we keep them interested”.

“We’ve made very good progress,” said Mrs Dawson.

“But schools can never be measured by (exam) league tables, and that’s why CVA (value added statistic) is so important.”

Ridgewood Community School, where none of the pupils sit GCSEs, also scored more than 1,000 in the CVA index that tracks the improvement of a child’s achievement from leaving primary school until leaving high school.

The absence level at Blessed Trinity was 6.4%. Headteacher Miss Bernadette Bleasdale said the school celebrated last year’s Year 11 success when the GCSE results were published in August, and that figures reflect what she hopes will be an upward trend. Staff, she said, are dedicated to the current Year 11.

Unity College pupils had a 36% achievement rate at A* - C level, including English and maths, like Blessed Trinity up 7% on last year, and a huge improvement on 2008, when only 19% of pupils made the grades. Absence levels at Unity College were 8.4%.

Unity College headteacher Mrs Sally Cryer said they had exceeded their set target of 33%, including English and maths. “We exceeded this, achieving 36%. Our target for five higher grades (A* to C) was 50% and we also beat this, achieving 59%. We are also delighted that over 25% of the year group achieved three or more A or A* grades.

“This summer’s results continue our year on year improvement and now exceed the Government floor target. “The college has a challenging and exciting ‘transformational change’ agenda for the next five years which will build on our already rapidly improving results.”

Only 23% of Shuttleworth College pupils achieved A* to C, including English and maths, but, said headteacher Martin Burgess, the disappointing figures marked the end of a chapter in education, as they were the last set of results from Gawthorpe High School. The 23% was the same as the previous year.

“They don’t reflect the school today,” said Mr Burgess. “We are Shuttleworth, and it’s a far more optimistic picture. Only this week our current Year 11 marks show that more than 40% of our pupils are already at C+ in maths, and we are sure that 91% will leave with a qualification in maths. That’s the reality of where we are going with Building Schools for the Future, and this is where it starts to take off.”