Blessed Trinity are Burnley cross country champs

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BLESSED Trinity topped the combined honours list at the Burnley secondary schools cross-country championships.

Out of six age categories, the school, based on Coal Clough Lane, finished at the summit on five occasions ahead of Shuttleworth College, Sir John Thursby, Unity College and Hameldon.

The race results are as follows: Year 7 girls - 1st, Natalya Irvine (Unity); 2nd, Zara Preedy (BT); 3rd, Megan Robinson (Shut); 4th, Kimberley Sykes (Unity); 5th, Amy Cole (BT); 6th, Mia Rutherford (Unity); 7th, Ellie Musso (BT); 8th, Naomi Hartley (BT).

Year 7 boys - 1st, Harvey McAdam (BT); 2nd, Oliver Craglan (Unity); 3rd, Richard Redfern (Shut); 4th, Tom Bradley (Unity); 5th, Jack Lowe-Sisson (Unity); 6th, Connor Billington Calvert (Shut); 7th, Rhys McVey (BT); 8th, Billy Wynn (BT).

Year 8 and 9 girls - 1st, Alice Pier (Unity); 2nd, Lucy Cole (BT); 3rd, Aimee Gorton (BT); 4th, Megan Johnson (BT); 5th, Taome Liddiard (Ham); 6th, Holly Reynolds (Shut); 7th, Paige Geard (Shut); 8th, Courtney Birchenough (Unity).

Year 8 and 9 boys - 1st, Tiernan Crorken (BT); 2nd, Jordan Isherwood (BT); Devon Preston (Shut); 4th, Jack Fleming (Ham); 5th, Kenan Eti (Ham); 6th, Charlie Bateson (BT); 7th, Connor Morris (Unity); 8th, Billy Grogan (BT).

Year 10 and 11 girls - 1st, Teegan Pennington (BT); 2nd, Danielle Parkinson (BT); 3rd, Jodie Sutcliffe (Shut); 4th, Amy Moran (SJT); 5th, Beth Quinn (SJT); 6th, Velda Hople (Shut); 7th, Olivia Philips (Shut).

Year 10 and 11 boys - 1st, Callum Davidson (BT); 2nd, Conor Barrow (BT); 3rd, Liam Hall (BT); 4th, Marcus Preedy (BT); 5th, Ashley Dunlop (Shut); 6th, Jake Townsend (BT); 7th, J. McDonald (Unity); 8th, Jack Reynolds (BT).

The above competitors will now go on to represent the town in the Lancashire schools cross-country finals in February.