'Dumped' cars driving neighbours crazy on Burnley street

One of the abandoned cars
One of the abandoned cars
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Residents on a Burnley street say they are being driven to distraction by a number of cars that have been “dumped” in their street for months.

Neighbours in Heath Street believe the cars are connected to industrial units including a motor workshop based in the nearby former Stanley Mill.

This car has now been moved

This car has now been moved

Mr Andrew Hamling, one of the residents, said: “Heath Street is beginning to look like a scrap yard. Like many other residents I have a problem with, effectively, abandoned cars in the street.

“For the last few months, three vehicles have been dumped in the street (one right outside my house) and have remained here, untouched, for that length of time.

“All of the vehicles are untaxed and two of them have no MOT. These were joined by a fourth vehicle, similarly untaxed, but with a SORN notice.

“Not only have these vehicles become unsightly, but they are of great inconvenience to the residents, including myself who live in this street.

“Whoever has dumped them here has done so with complete inconsideration – and I would say, contempt - for the residents of the street.

“Furthermore, all of these vehicles are illegally parked. An untaxed vehicle is not permitted to be on a public highway. Even if a vehicle has a SORN, it must be kept on private property and not on a public road.”

Mr Hamling has now reported the matter to the DVLA following consultation with Burnley Council.