Drunk Padiham teenager lands herself in court after racially abusing and kicking a police officer

A 'vulnerable' Padiham teenager racially abused and repeatedly kicked a police officer after she got drunk and wasn’t welcome at home, a court heard.

Wednesday, 27th November 2019, 4:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th November 2019, 4:31 pm

Paige Cook struck whilst being arrested outside her mother’s house in Brierfield.

The 18-year-old had kicked out whilst she was being handcuffed after police had been left with no choice but to detain her.

Mrs Alex Mann, prosecuting, told Burnley Magistrates: "It appears to be a one-off. It doesn’t appear to be an intentional offence."

She said that at about 3.30pm, a couple of police officers were trying to help the defendant because of the state she was in. She was drunk and upset and officers took her back to her mother’s house because they didn’t want to leave her on her own.

Her mother wouldn’t let her in so Cook started swearing and banging on windows. Her mother said the defendant was too difficult like that and police were left with no choice but to arrest her.

Mrs Mann said the defendant racially abused the officer, adding: "He told her not to say that sort of thing.

"It’s racist. He said she didn’t even see she had said anything wrong at that point. He didn’t see it as a deliberate affront, but he did say he shouldn’t be racially abused whilst trying to help someone.”

Mrs Mann added: " He started to put cuffs on her and she was kicking out whilst being arrested.”

Mr Mark Williams, defending Cook, described her as ' a somewhat vulnerable young lady.' She had no previous convictions.

He told the court:” Police took her home because they felt she was vulnerable. She was not welcome at home and became agitated. They had no option but to arrest her to prevent a breach of the peace."

The solicitor told the hearing: "Whilst she has been flailing around she has caught the officer to the back area, causing no injury at all.”

Mr Williams added that the remark made to the officer 'may have been something that was said in the heat of the moment, as unacceptable as that is.'

The defendant, of Spencer Street, Padiham, admitted assault by beating of an emergency worker, on October 26th. She was fined £80, with a £32 victim surcharge.