Drunk man caught with knuckeduster in his pocket told court he had forgotten it was there

A drunk dad found with a knuckleduster in his back pocket in a Burnley street claimed he forgot it was there, the town's magistrates heard.

A man caught with a knuckleduster in his pocket told a court he had forgotten it was there
A man caught with a knuckleduster in his pocket told a court he had forgotten it was there

Jamie Wane (27) was arrested at 8.30am on Easter Monday, after two members of the public called police when they saw him on Briercliffe Road.

Officers said he was facing traffic and " picking fights with vehicles." The knuckleduster was sticking out of the top of his pocket, the court was told.

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Mrs Alex Mann, prosecuting, told the hearing: "He kept falling over, he was that drunk.

"He managed to give his name as Jamie and I think that's as far as it goes before he is put in a cell."

The defendant, who works at VEKA in Burnley, admitted possessing an offensive weapon, on April 17th.

Wane, of Thornhill Road, Chorley, was fined £350 and told to pay £85 costs and a £35 victim surcharge.

Mr Daniel Frazer, defending, said Wane had been to a friend's barbecue in Burnley and had been watching football on TV and having a few drinks. The few drinks turned into more drinks.

The solicitor said: "His friend had artefacts in his house which he was showing him.

"His friend had two knuckledusters. He looked at them and he put one in his back pocket and forgot about it.

"He was on his way home, making his way to the train station.

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"He didn't brandish it. He didn't use it to threaten anybody. He didn't know he had it on his person. He forgot he had it in his pocket."

The solicitor added: "The defendant says he rarely goes out. He's mortified by what's gone on and he apologises to the court."

Sentencing Wane, the bench ordered forfeiture of the weapon.

The chairman told him: "Why your friend wants it in his house is up to him, but I wouldn't go out and buy him one."