Drunk and disorderly twice over

after pleading guilty to two charges of being drunk and disorderly, David John Hilary, of Copy Nook Hotel, Bolton-by-Bowland, was given a conditional discharge for 12 months and ordered to pay £100 in costs by Blackburn magistrates.

The court heard that 32-year-old Hilary was arrested in Blackburn after an officer removed him from a flat which he had walked into uninvited and sat down on the settee. He was extremely drunk and as the officer spoke to him Hilary began to urinate in the street, narrowly missing the officer.

The second offence was at the Tesco store in Clitheroe in the early hours of the morning. Hilary had been removed by staff on more than one occasion and the police were called when he became aggressive.

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Mr Bernard Horne (defending) said Hilary had borrowed the money so he could attend for private therapy for his drink problem.

“He knows his drinking is out of control at the present time and is trying to do something about it,” said Mr Horne.