Drivers slam Burnley M65 approach ‘chicane’

Highways bosses have been slammed for creating a dangerous “S” bend chicane on one of the busiest dual carriageways in Burnley.

The new road markings on Princess Way.
The new road markings on Princess Way.

New markings on Princess Way, the road leading from the Asda/Burnley College roundabout to the M65, appeared overnight.

The white-paint blocks off swathes of the road, forcing all vehicles into the right-hand lane, but a few hundred yards later similar markings then force vehicles destined for Crow Wood and the motorway into the left lane.

“It arrived like a bolt out of the blue”, said motorist Chris Johnson. “Nobody knew anything about it, and drivers had not been warned that there was going to be a massive change to the road lay-out.

“The first thing anyone knows about the dual carriageway being turned into a single lane is the second they come off the roundabout at Asda. Two lanes go immediately into one. It’s dangerous.”

Although the left hand lane in the direction of the M65 has been hatched off immediately after the Asda roundabout, lane markings before the roundabout have not changed accordingly leading to driver confusion.

Mr Johnson is convinced that new single lane arrangement is linked with the use of mobile speed cameras used on Princess Way since 2011.

“I would be interested to see if they continue using mobile units on that stretch of road”, he said. “The speed trap frequently sets up just before the motorway roundabout, and does anybody going over 30mph.

“They hang out in the side street near the plumbers’ merchant to get people going into town, but the Highways people haven’t created single lanes on that side of the dual carriageway.”


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Mr Johnson said he questioned Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw about speed enforcement action on the dual carriageway. “It took nine months to get the answer that is a ‘risk area’ because children play on the central reservation,” he said.

A spokesperson for Lancashire County Council said: “We’ve changed the road markings and layout on Princess Way to help reinforce the 30mph limit, as there are concerns about the number of drivers who fail to observe it.

“The scheme includes temporary road signs to alert motorists to the changes and, when it’s completed, will provide interactive signs to highlight the 30mph limit.

“It will also provide signs to warn drivers as they approach the junction of Brougham Street and Princess Way, where a number of collisions have occurred in the past. Unfortunately there has been a slight delay in installing the temporary signs and we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. The signs will be in place from early next week.”