Drive-thru chippy gets green light

Artist's impression of new Banny's chip shop, Trafalgar Street, Burnley
Artist's impression of new Banny's chip shop, Trafalgar Street, Burnley

A drive-through fish and chip shop in Burnley’s newly-renovated Weavers’ Triangle has been given the green light.

The Banny’s drive-through can now be built on the site of the former Dexter Paints in Trafalgar Street, despite objections by a number of parties.

The empty building on the site will now be demolished and replaced with a drive-through fish and chip restaurant.

Burnley Borough Council’s Development Control Committee delegated grant consent to the planning officer after discussing the application.

Objections were received from Burnley Civic Trust, the Weavers’ Triangle Trust and Burnley Historical Society who said the design was “ordinary”, believing in this area that it should have been outstanding.

The Victorian Society and English Heritage also objected to the plans, which will form Phase 3 of the “On the Banks” redevelopment of the historic Weavers’ Triangle area of Burnley.

In a letter to the council, English Heritage stated: “The new building is not of a quality that would preserve and enhance the character and appearance of the conservation area.”

It added that an overly large gap would be opened up between the new and existing buildings.

However, the committee was advised that there would “convincing economic benefit resulting from demolition of the building.”

Thee letters from residents were also received objecting on the grounds that there were already many fast-food outlets in the area, and was out of keeping with the historic buildings in the Triangle.

But the council’s report, prepared by head of housing and development Paul Gatrell, stated that: “The economic uses proposed require the area to have a lighter and livelier, human-friendly feel.

“Without that, the area cannot attract the vitality and footfall necessary to secure its future.”

It added that there would be “substantial general economic and social benefit resulting from the development of the whole block.”