Drink Review: Jubilee cocktail

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WITH a weekend of celebrations ahead to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – why not toast the happy celebration with a special cocktail?

Drinks experts Demijohn, who have shops in York, Glasgow and Edinburgh, have created the Wild Plum Bellini, which contains one measure of Wild Bullace liqueur, poured into a champagne flute and topped up with Prosecco and fresh plum, garnished with mint.

Sounds delicious? It is. The cocktail shakers at Demijohn have created the cocktail based on the original Venetian Bellini. The bullace fruit is similar to a damson, has a deep rich colour and is a little known hedgegrow fruit, which grows in Worcestershire.

It has taken the producers several years to collect enough to make the liqueur, so it’s a drink which needs savouring.

And to taste it, is to believe it! It’s a lovely deep fresh drink, which gets the tastebuds going and once you have had one, you want another!

The liqueur which costs £4.80 for 100 mls can be used as a base for sauces too. And if you fancy shaking a cocktail, log onto www.demijohn.co.uk/Cocktail-Wild-Plum-Bellini-106 for the recipe.