Drink driving figures pass the 100 mark

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MORE than 100 motorists in Lancashire have already been found to have been drink driving this Christmas.

The figures come just three weeks into the campaign and officers are reminding people of the dangers and consequences of drink driving.

Police have conducted 11,420 roadside breathe tests with 130 people providing a positive specimen and three people actually refusing to provide.

Chief Insp. Debbie Howard, from the Road Policing Unit, said: “Over 11,000 tests have been carried out and 133 people have failed or refused. Although this does show that the number of drinking and driving is low, around 1.2% of people tested, over 100 people have been drink driving and that is too many as far as we are concerned.

“With Christmas just around the corner it is important for people to remember the dangers and consequences of drink driving. Our officers will continue to carryout roadside checkpoints and will target those people who drink and drive.

“It is also important to remind people that if they are drinking in the evening then there is a good chance that they could be over the limit in the morning. Motorists need to plan ahead and make sure they leave their vehicles at home.”

If you suspect anyone of drink driving then you should call the police on 101.