Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg visits Burnley

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DEPUTY Prime Minister Nick Clegg visited Burnley and Padiham where he discussed the challenges facing the borough, with council bosses.

The Liberal Democrat leader, who has visited Burnley several times in recent years, met council chiefs at Burnley Town Hall and also party members in a dinner at Mamma Mia’s Restaurant in Padiham.

Burnley Council chief executive Steve Rumbelow said: “It was good to have the opportunity to sit down with the Deputy Prime Minister in Burnley and tell him about our town, the way it’s changing for the better and the challenges we face.

“Burnley Council has put growth at the heart of its strategy to tackle these challenges. We were able to outline to Mr Clegg a number of important issues and how the Government can support our work to regenerate our borough.”

The talks at Burnley Town Hall covered a range of issues including local government finances, localised council tax support, housing, the economy and jobs.

Coun. Charlie Briggs, leader of the council, said: “We pressed our case for Government support to ensure Burnley can maintain its progress and to do what it can to help local people and business, particularly in terms of changes to the council tax benefit system and Government grant to the council as a whole.

“Last year we secured some changes – the introduction of the ‘so called’ transition grant which limited the impact of Government cuts. The Government is now doing a full review and we spent a lot of time talking about ensuring that this positive move by Government does not unravel in future years.

“We’re fighting hard for Burnley. We realise times are tough, which makes it all the more important that the Government supports our hard work, and that’s the message we gave to the Deputy Prime Minister to take back to Westminster.”